Customized facials are used to address your particular needs such as acne, pore cleansing, pigmentation, hydration, anti-aging, or just relaxation. Includes cleansing,exfoliation, extractions, and facial massage.
This method of manual exfoliation gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” from the surface of the skin.
Chemical Peels
Application of a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of skin. A series of treatments improves the appearance of pore size, uneven pigmentation, acne, and fine wrinkles.
Microdermabrasion & Hydrodermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals or other exfoliating surfaces to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells. This treatment removes pore-clogging, complexion-dulling dead skin cells, revealing a new layer of fresher, smoother skin underneath.

Hydrodermabrasion is an intensive hydration therapy that uses jets to infuse corrective formulas, tailored to the client’s needs, deep into the skin as it is exfoliated.
Botox is used cosmetically to minimize wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles in the face.

Dermal Fillers facial injections with products that rejuvenate facial skin by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, raising scar depressions, enhancing lips, and replacing soft-tissue volume loss.
Vaginal Rejuvenation
PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation consists of injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the clitoris, triggering stem cells’ multiplication and new tissue growth.
Growth Factors released from the activated PRP, lead to easier stimulation, and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Vaginal steaming involves sitting over a steaming bowl of water that contains a mixture of herbs. V-steaming is typically used to alleviate unwanted symptoms associated with periods such as bloating,exhaustion, and cramps.
The only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.

Kybella Body Treatments can work on other areas prone to stubborn body fat such as the elbow, upper arms, knees, bra bulges, arm pit and stomach.
PDO Thread Lift
PDO ThreadLift is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue, using threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO). Results are instant and continue to improve due to collagen stimulation.
Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that creates micro-channels in the skin stimulating blood flow and collagen production. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) applied throughout the procedure accelerates tissue repair and regeneration.
Hair Restoration
Scalp PRP Treatment-Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp in this non-surgical alternative treatment. The growth factors in your own blood stimulate natural looking hair regrowth.

Formula 82 is a customized prescription solution that contains the FDA approved hair growth medication minoxidil.
IPL Photo Rejuvenation
Fade the appearance of various vascular and pigmented lesions, including hyper-pigmentation, port wine stains,hemangioma, and telangiectasia.
Laser Hair Removal
Heat energy is gently delivered to drastically reduce unwanted hair growth, to the point that you may be able to stop shaving altogether.
Skin Tightening
Non-invasive treatment that uses targeted radio frequency heat to treat loose skin.
The delivery of high energy into the deep layers of the skin repairs and stimulates collagen production making skin look smoother and tighter.
Face & Body Waxing
Brow & Lash Services
Lash Extensions enhance the length,fullness,and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Microblading & MicroShading
are semi-permanent tattoo treatments that use a feathering technique to create the look of individual hairs in order to fill out or reshape the eyebrows.
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