Body Care System

Body Care System

VI Derm's Body Care System is a revitalizing skin care regimen for your entire body. Enriched with alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants, this body care kit combats dark spots, itchy, keratosis pilaris, acne and dryness.

The Body Care System includes:

Exfoliating Body Wash: an exfoliating body wash that employs AHAs and antioxidants
Exfoliating Body Lotion: an exfoliating body lotion rids the body of dull, dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin
Key Ingredients:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Glycolic Acid 15%): exfoliates and refines
Antioxidants: nourish and protect
Azelaic Acid: exfoliates and natural disinfectant
Shea Butter: deeply hydrates and smoothes
Vitamin A: strengthens collagen, evens skin tone
Key Benefits:

Hydrates dry skin
Softens skin texture
Reduces uneven skin tone
Controls body acne
Brightens dull skin
Dermatologist-approved and sulfate-free